CIDCO Transfer Guide for Navi Mumbai

A guide for CIDCO Transfer in Navi Mumbai

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Kindly note that CIDCO Transfer charges are still payable and land in Navi Mumbai is still Lease Hold Land. Do not believe fake news and chor politicians who have zero understanding of the law and whose only job is to fool the gullible people with lies.

– Mayur Panghaal (Owner Sky Properties)

After much delay from its set deadline of 1st April of every year, CIDCO finally released the new Transfer Charges for plots, shops and flats in Navi Mumbai region. These are valid on all properties bought or sold in Navi Mumbai. The rates usually go up 10% every year. They are calculated on the carpet area of the shop/flat and depend on the location. The Time taken to complete the procedure is stated as 20 days by CIDCO, but in reality it can take anywhere from 1 month to a couple of months due to the absolute chaos, total corruption and lack of systems prevailing in CIDCO offices.

CIDCO Transfer Charges are compulsory in Navi Mumbai for purchase/sale of all types of real estate – Shops, offices, flats, plots etc. Without the payment of CIDCO Transfer Charges, no property transaction is legally sound

Why ?

Because all land in Navi Mumbai belongs to CIDCO. They acquired the farmland from villagers starting back in 1970’s. They only give land on lease (long lease of 60 years) and hence they are like a giant landlord. Now logic should tell us that if we are sitting on a property that belongs to a giant landlord (in this case its CIDCO), it is but obvious that if you want to leave and make someone else sit in your place, you will need the approval of the landlord and abide by the lease conditions.

Total Chaos and corruption at CIDCO Transfer Department

What happens if you dont pay CIDCO transfer charges?

Well, that depends on whether you are the buyer or seller of the property and whether you and the buyer before you has paid the stamp duty or not. If the buyer before you has paid the transfer charges, then you dont have to worry. Just pay the transfer charges for your transaction and you’re ok. But if the seller has not paid his transfer charge (when he purchased the flat) then you are liable to pay it when you purchase the flat from him. Or else, you can ask him to shell out the money for his transfer.
So make sure that you purchase a flat only after checking that the previous owner has paid the CIDCO transfer charges. If you buy from the builder, you don’t have to pay transfer charges as it will be applicable after the formation of the society and at the time of conveyance of the land and building in favor of the society.

Sometimes even the banks are not aware of these transfer charges as these are unique to CIDCO areas in Maharashtra, and the builders don’t want to tell you at the time of selling the flat to you as they don’t want any additional expenses to come in the way of their sale. CIDCO transfer charges increase by approx 10% every year.

Is there any other clearance required from CIDCO?

Yes. After obtaining the CIDCO NOC, you may require a ‘Mortgage NOC’ (if you are taking a loan from a bank). The bank will not disburse the loan unless you obtain this Mortgage NOC from CIDCO.

What do transfer charges depend upon?

They depend on the carpet area (not built up area) of the flat.

Is GST applicable on CIDCO Transfer Charges ?

Unfortunately, CIDCO has started levying GST of 18% on CIDCO Transfer Charges. It may help to note that before 2014, there were no additional taxes of any kind on CIDCO Transfer charges as neither is CIDCO selling you any goods and neither is it providing any service to you. Simply changing your name in Govt (CIDCO) records and taking money for the same is NOT a service.

Does Govt charge GST on registration and stamp duty paid while purchasing a flat ? NO. So why is CIDCO taking 18% as GST for doing exactly the same thing (changing your name in govt records) ?

Mayur-Sky Properties

But aren’t CIDCO Transfer charges abolished ?

CIDCO Transfer charges are implemented as per law passed in Assembly. Its called the New Bombay Disposal of Lands Act and New Bombay Disposal of Land Rules. To change that law and the rules which govern it, it will have to be altered in the Assembly.
CIDCO earns hundreds of crores via these Transfer charges, which is then spent on by CIDCO for developing the infrastructure and paying its staff salaries. So promising to ‘abolish’ it was just like a lot of other false promises made by ignorant and foolish politicians who have zero idea of economics. But these fake promises only work where the population at large is ignorant of basic laws.

When are these charges payable ?

These charges are payable after registration of the Sale Agreement (Part Payment Agreement) or in case of payment in one shot (No bank loan) it is payable after the Sale Deed.

Are all flats/buildings/societies eligible for CIDCO Transfer Charges automatically ?

No, the Society must have something called Conveyance and must feature in CIDCO records. More than 90% of Societies do not have ‘Conveyance’ in their favor in CIDCO records.

Total Chaos and corruption at CIDCO Transfer Department

Are transfer charges fixed ?

No, they increase by 10% every year on the 1st of April (beginning of new financial year).

New Technique for Corruption by CIDCO Staff

Recently, it has been noticed that CIDCO officials make people submit physical copies of their application along with all the other affidavits etc. On visiting the CIDCO office, applicants are told to submit additional documents like :-

1.Share Certificate copy
2.Society Members List
3.Copy of Final order etc

All these demands are illegal. No official can make you submit more documents than listed on the CIDCO Website.
And anyways, the documents you submit also contain an Indemnity body, which absolves CIDCO of any blame or responsibility if any legal or other issues crop up later. CIDCO has zero liability. ZERO. For what are they taking all these guarantees from an applicant if they want to become a CID office ? If they want to become CID office, then let them take responsibility for any problems later.
They may also give you frivolous excuses that Society is not uploaded etc. If your society has something called the final order, then all the responsibility of uploading and updating records falls on CIDCO. Its not your job or responsibility to upload or facilitate an internal process of CIDCO. Tell them its their job not yours.
If the CIDCO officials make these illegal demands, tell them to give them in writing on a piece of paper that they want all these documents along with their name, designation and date.
Tell them that you will approach the CIDCO MD / Vigilance Dept at Belapur HQ and complain to him/her.
They will never give you anything in writing….and will most probably tell you that they will manage without those documents.
You can also submit a complaint online here although its doubtful that your complaint will ever be resolved satisfactorily as this site is just to fool people.

Time Limit for issuing CIDCO NOC and MORTGAGE NOC

CIDCO NOC – 21 Days

Provided all the documents are in order. Any improper documentation communication has to be in writing and not verbally. Verbal Demands for additional documents etc are illegal.


If your society does not have conveyance in its name along with Final Order from CIDCO…..
Even if your CIDCO society conveyance is not done, it is advisable to get all the documents for CIDCO transfer signed and ready as the seller may not be traceable if and when the society manages to get the Conveyance done after a few years.

Note : Conveyance of land and building in the Name of the Society is compulsory for CIDCO Transfer. The Only conclusive proof of that is a document called the Final Order (Shown below). Without this document, no CIDCO transfer will be possible.

CIDCO Final Order in favor of Society
Sample of Final Order in favor of Society.

CIDCO vigilance office

Corruption in CIDCO Transfer Dept

The corruption is so blatant that its running under the very nose of the so called ‘Vigilance Dept’ located on the 5th floor of the same building !!
Any complaint to the officers is simply brushed aside or the complainant is made to do so much running around that he is forced to give up. The level of corruption going on in CIDCO has also led to murders of staff in the past.

Even the harmless looking women sitting behind counters on the first floor in the estate department are corrupt to the core. 

Looks can be really deceptive. All are heavily involved in taking money and bribes to process your files. In such a situation it can be easily said that CIDCO is one of the most corrupt organizations in the country.

In a new move, CIDCO has started charging 18% GST on All NOCs … which means every transfer/NOC will now cost thousands of rupees more This Circular was issued on 5th December 2017…and will also be sent to all who were issued NOCs after July 2017For issuing Mortgage NOC, CIDCO charges Rs 500+18% GST as processing fees

Arbitrary and illegal demands being made by CIDCO official after making applicant run from pillar to post for 1.5 yr

Current CIDCO TRANSFER Charges (1st April 2022- 31st March 2023)

We can provide our professional services to facilitate CIDCO Transfer Process for a nominal charge of Rs 20,000 (all inclusive).

You can pay online via Gpay, Phonepe or UPI and documents will be prepared and sent to you via courier in 2 working days. We only require a copy of the Sale Agreement for preparations of the Documentation.

We only need a copy of your sale agreement/sale deed to process the documentation. You can mail a scanned copy or send it via courier.

Sky Properties

If you have any questions or just want to say hello, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll get back to you soon.


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By Mayur

Mayur is a real estate professional based in Navi Mumbai for the past 20 years. His expertise in real estate includes every sphere of the real estate sector in Navi Mumbai. He can be reached on 9987452642

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