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Mayur Panghaal

CIDCO Transfer

The real estate market in Navi Mumbai is different from other areas in Mumbai or elsewhere. In the 1970s, all the land in Navi Mumbai was acquired through the Land Acquisition Act. CIDCO, the agency responsible for planning and developing the land, has the authority to approve every step in the real estate process. Whether it’s the allocation of land, selling flats, or forming a society, CIDCO’s approval is required. This authority is granted to CIDCO through the New Bombay Disposal of Lands Act. With over 20 years of experience working with CIDCO at every level, we have the expertise to review documents and obtain the necessary clearances from CIDCO.

Our Specialty – Accurate price negotiation with builders/sellers/leasees when buying/renting a new flat/shop/office.

We have price data of all sales of flats in Navi Mumbai. This data is priceless when negotiating with sellers/builders/buyers/agents. We have data of prices of all flats in all buildings in Navi Mumbai. We regularly spot underpayment and overpayment of lakhs of rupees in real estate transactions in Navi Mumbai. A sample of real estate sales data from Nerul is given below.

NMS Moreshwar 193 BHK7343512,45,29,250Nerul-19A
NMS Moreshwar 193 BHK7343512,50,00,000Nerul-19A
Bhimashanker1 RK24739,00,000Nerul-19A
Neelsiddhi Atlantis2 BHK912 (BU)1,40,00,000Nerul-19A
Sailesh Tower2 BHK7451,68,00,000Nerul-19A
Bhagwati Eminence2 BHK7241,70,00,000Nerul-19A
Unnati Apt owners1 RK220 40,00,000Nerul-19A
Sun Plaza 1 BHK395 (BU)65,00,000Nerul-21
LIG1 RK139 (BU)49,50,000Nerul-21
Sangam Apts1 RK380 (BU)43,00,000Nerul-15 (CIDCO)
Real Price Data of Properties in Navi Mumbai
Index 2

Real Estate Paper Work
(well begun is half done)

Attention to details and immaculate paper work forms 80% of a real estate transaction. We at sky properties pay attention to details and paper work so that you have lesser headaches later. Our knowledge of the laws and pitfalls protect and guide you right from the start. From accurately evaluating the price in terms of the prevailing transaction and market rates to making that first β€˜token’ payment, we at sky properties will guide you through the transaction till you take possession of the keys to your premises.


Our Vastu consultancy starts with accurate mapping of the premises, accurate reproduction of the same in Autocad and accurate plotting of the various directions and distances. Our Vastu remedies aim towards minimum restructuring of the current house plans. We recommend our remedies in stages so as to maximize the results expected from the same. Accurate and precise Vastu is poles apart from the simple direction hunting on the compass. Accurate Vastu takes time and effort and we are adept at providing the same. Please contact us for all your Vastu needs.

Navi Mumbai Real Estate

To summarize, making the right decision in a real estate transaction requires diligence, knowledge of laws, local conditions, market intelligence, taxes, ethics, and transparency. At Sky Properties, we have the expertise in all of the above to ensure that your investment is secure and profitable.1



CIDCO Transfer only15,000
Mortgage NOC only15,000
CIDCO Transfer + Mortgage NOC20,000
Only Drafting/Documentation5,000
Drafting and Registration of Sale Agreement/Sale Deed10,000
Brokerage (Purchase/Sale transaction)2%
Brokerage (Rentals)1 month rent/year
Consultation over Phone/Whatsapp/Zoom/Google Meet5,000/30 mins
Property Tax Name Transfer10,000
Water Bill Name Transfer10,000
Our Real Estate Services
  • Society Formation
  • Property Tax Name Transfer in Municipal Records
  • Heirship Certificate / Name Change in CIDCO Records on death of owner (Intestate)
  • Society Redevelopment
  • Society Conveyance (compulsory for sale of flats now)
  • Taxation
  • NRI investment and advisory
  • Due Diligence
  • Home Loans from SBI, HDFC, ICICI Bank (At no extra charge)


  1. HI

    My friend has given cidco transfer procedure to one agent when he purchased one flat in Airoli in May 2019
    Agent is saying he has submitted papers to CIDCO in June 2019 and thereafter he could not follow up because of medical problem and then lockdown.
    Now agent is saying that CIDCO is searching for the submitted papers.
    Does CIDCO give any receipt after submitting papers? Agent is saying he had received some token which he is not able to find.
    What happens in case if any receipt token or application number is lost? How does CIDCO is trying to find the submitted papers?

    1. 2019 is a long period. Its highly unlikely that the papers can be traced now. Its like trying to find a needle in a haystack. To answer your other questions, yes, CIDCO does give an acknowledgement of the papers deposited with them. Earlier, the papers had to be submitted physically after making the data entry online. It will be better off for you to start afresh with whatever you have with you. If you have copies of the originals, you can start the process again. If you want to try and find the papers left with CIDCO in 2019, you will need at least some record of what you deposited with CIDCO and then try to locate it in the Belapur office…or the Airoli office (if they shifted all papers to Airoli now)

  2. What is the process of sale of cidco rowhouse 18mtr,25mtr etc,what documents required for the complete process A to Z

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