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Sky Properties Brokerage Terms and Conditions.

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At Sky Properties, we are extremely particular about our way of functioning according to the existing laws and principles.
We believe in having an absolutely fair, transparent and clear policy for brokerage, which leads to a smooth transaction without any ambiguity.
In the long run, these clear terms and conditions help avoid unpleasant situations and help conclude all transactions without any hiccups.

Kindly refer to the following Brokerage Terms for any sale or purchase of Flats via Sky Properties.
  • Brokerage on Sale and Purchase of Flats will be on a strictly exclusive basis.
  • Arrangements or agreements by the owner/purchaser with any other broker will be at the owners cost and expenses and Sky Properties will not bear any expenditure or cost incurred by the owner or purchaser towards any other broker/agent etc.
  • The Owner shall be liable to pay brokerage @2% to Sky Properties on the eventual sale of his/her flat/apartment/premises, whenever it may take place in the future and via any channel/contact/network etc; that the owner may use or come upon, to contact a purchaser, during the course of the selling process.
    • The above point is critical as the very nature of marketing/selling real estate spreads awareness of the availability of the Premises/Flat/Apartment/Plot etc; to the general public at large, who may then chose to contact the Seller/Owner for the same directly, making the entire marketing/advertising procedure and expenses incurred by the broker a fruitless and expensive proposition.
      We value our time and we are sure you value yours.
  • Brokerage on Sale and Purchase of Flats will be 2% of the Purchase/Sale Price. This is applicable to the owner and the purchaser.
  • The Owner shall be free to sell at the price of his choosing and the Broker shall only advise him from time to time about the offers received or likely to be received by the owner.
  • The Purchaser shall be liable for brokerage at the eventual purchase price of the property.
  • Brokerage will be payable on the day of registration of the Sale Agreement at the Registration office.
  • Receipt will be issued towards all payments received as Brokerage.
  • Brokerage will be payable by the owner of the Premises/Flat/Apartment/Plot etc; and the purchaser of the same, both.
  • The Owner of the Premises/Flat/Apartment/Plot shall not be held liable for brokerage payable by the Purchaser.
  • On agreeing to these terms and conditions, Sky Properties shall market/advertise/promote the premises via all its available networks/channels and shall not bill expenses incurred towards the same, except the brokerage @2% of the sale price, to the Owner of the Premises/Flat/Apartment etc.
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