New rates for CIDCO transfer charges released

Cidco charges are compulsory for every property purchase/sale transaction in Navi Mumbai. Without it, no transaction is legally sound or complete Find out everything you need to know about CIDCO Transfer.

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Kindly note that CIDCO Transfer charges are still payable and land in Navi Mumbai is still Lease Hold Land. Do not believe fake news and fake politicians who have zero understanding of the law and something called Budget.

The Time taken to complete the procedure is stated as 20 days by CIDCO, but in reality it can take anywhere from 1 month to a couple of months due to the absolute chaos, total corruption and lack of systems prevailing in CIDCO offices.

After much delay from its set deadline of 1st April of every year, CIDCO finally released the new Transfer Charges for plots, shops and flats in Navi Mumbai region. These are valid on all properties bought or sold in Navi Mumbai. They are calculated on the carpet area of the shop/flat and depend on the location.

The rates usually go up 10% every year for flats measuring more than 30 sq meter (Carpet Area). For Flats measuring less than 30 sq meter carpet area the transfer charges increase by 5% every year .

The corruption is so blatant that its running under the very nose of the so called ‘Vigilance Dept’ located on the 6th floor of the same building !! Any complaint to the officers is simply brushed aside or the complainant is made to do so much running around that he is forced to give up. The level of corruption going on in CIDCO has also led to murders of staff in the past. Even the harmless looking women sitting behind counters on the first floor in the estate department are corrupt to the core. Looks can be really deceptive. All are heavily involved in taking money and bribes to process your files. In such a situation it can be easily said that CIDCO is one of the most corrupt organizations in the country.

GST on CIDCO Transfer

In a new move, CIDCO has started charging 18% GST on All NOCs … which means every transfer/NOC will now cost thousands of rupees more This Circular was issued on 5th December 2017…and will also be sent to all who were issued NOCs after July 2017

If your society does not have Conveyance Deed

Note : Even if your society conveyance is not done, it is advisable to get all the documents for CIDCO transfer signed and ready as the seller may not be traceable if and when the society manages to get the Conveyance done after a few years.

What we need to process your CIDCO Transfer application

We only need a copy of your sale agreement/sale deed to process the documentation. You can mail a scanned copy to or send it via courier to our official address. You can pay online and documents will be prepared and sent to you via courier in 2 working days.

Latest CIDCO Transfer Charges 2023-2024

Kindly note that all the applications made and uploaded before 31st March 2023 will pay the old rates. Only applications made after 1st April 2023 will be liable for new rates. Also note that all Society Upload work in CIDCO has come to a complete halt as the private agency which was contracted for this work has been terminated by CIDCO. There is no upload activity happening for the past 1 month in CIDCO. And when this activity will start again is anyone’s guess. But a reasonable estimate is at least 1 more month.

CIDCO Transfer Charges 2023-2024


Type of TransferCharges
Via Gift Deed to blood relation (without monetary consideration)Rs 5950
Via Hiership Certificate/Succession Certificate issued by courtRs 595
Mortgage NOCRs 595
Cidco Transfer Charges for other processes


CIDCO Transfer only15,000
Mortgage NOC only15,000
CIDCO Transfer + Mortgage NOC20,000
Only Drafting/Documentation5,000
Drafting and Registration of Sale Agreement/Sale Deed10,000
Brokerage (Purchase/Sale transaction)2%
Brokerage (Rentals)1 month rent/year
Consultation over Phone/Whatsapp/Zoom/Google Meet4,000/30 mins
Property Tax Name Transfer10,000
Water Bill Name Transfer10,000
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By Mayur

Mayur is a real estate professional based in Navi Mumbai for the past 20 years. His expertise in real estate includes every sphere of the real estate sector from legal to Building Construction to Vastu to home interiors. When it's not real estate, its either his fight against corruption or pulling focus (film making) with his NIKON D750 that keeps him busy. With over 9 million views of his pictures on Google Maps and over 1.3 crore views of his contributions, he has been designated as a Master Photographer by Google. He can be reached on 9987452642


  1. Can we know penalties applicable in case earlier 2 owner didn’t pay cidco transfer but current buyer may want to clear dues and register his name in Cidco as owner.

  2. hi sir,
    please guide me ” i have applied for SBI home loan balance transfer but after all clarification bank demand for CIDCO NOC . Conveyance deed still pending but society firmed and soc noc alreayd given to sbi. Please guide me how i obtain cidco noc from cidco and its compulsory for loan or not?

  3. I have come to know that my name/flat is not showing as registered in the CIDCO records. How do I verify this? Also what are the documents required for the registering my name in the CIDCO records?

    1. If your name is not showing in CIDCO records,the only way to confirm it is by visiting the CIDCO offices.The documents required to register your name in CIDCO records are a set of documents including your sale agreement,sets of affidavits,NOCs etc and the Transfer charge according to the CIDCO rate chart in this article.If you require professional and trustworthy services for the same,we can undertake it for you for a nominal charge.

      1. Hi Mayur

        I am purchasing a flat at Kharghar directly from builder, funding through home loan from ICICI.
        This building was ready for possession since 2013.Society is formed and all NOC, OC are in place. However, builder has still some flats with him and he will be selling them later, like he did one to me now.
        Bank is asking for Conveyance deed, but I understand it will be obtained by society once all the flats are sold by builder (no timeline shared by builder.. could take another 5-10 years) . Builder has paid around 73k to society for this conveyance deed. Can the CIDCO transfer be done now in anyway for my flat?
        Bank has asked me to open 1 lac FD with them, which I can break only once I submit the Conveyance deed and NOC from CIDCO.

        Could you guide me with the best course of action pls? Should I get the transfer papers signed from builder now?


        1. Without conveyance deed and final order from CIDCO, there is no possibility of getting your CIDCO transfer approved by the bank. The conveyance deed should’ve been done by builder max 4-6 months after society formation. But most are not aware and neither is society proactive. Now you have no option but to do as bank says.
          Good luck 🤞

  4. Hello, Thanks for the Information. Are CIDCO Transfer charges applicable in Taloja Panchnand? I have bought a flat in re-sale in Phase 1. The conveyance of the society is not done yet.

  5. We are the 4th owner of the flat in airoli n stil cidco registration is in the name of the 1st owner… so what will b the procedure n charges if we want to do cidco transfer

      1. Is this means he has to pay 3 times the transfer charges to Cidco for 3 previous owners with current rate ?

  6. Is Cidco transfer charges applicable on flats built on society plots also? We are looking to buy flat from second owner who says he has not transfered ered name in cidco records

  7. I had purchased a flat in Koperkhairance in year 2011. The land on which the building was made was under possession and owned by the land owners and disclosed by 7/12 extracts. Also the land owner paid property tax on the same regularly. Howver, on recent search on the land records site 7/12, it was observed that the land is in the name of CIDCO. Is there any way by which we can get the building registered under 12.5% scheme or so? Please help as it is very urgent. Also I would like to take your professional advice in person.

    1. All land was acquired by CIDCO starting 1970s.The land owner may have hidden that fact from you and cheated you.
      There is no way of escape.If CIDCO issues demolition order to your building,you will have to vacate.
      No use of any professional advice in person.
      Good luck.

  8. Hi want to know the procedure and name change (remove) charges for property in Kamothe and how long will it take. We have the gift deed registered and have born the charges for the same.

    1. For cidco transfer you will need 2 things…
      Society should be registered
      Conveyance must be done in Society’s name.

      After that you will have to pay the CIDCO transfer charges of Rs 5000 if transfer is within your family.
      It will take you approx 1 month to complete the procedure.

  9. Need Help
    Hi , i am buying a property in sector 28 Vashi where NOC from CIDCO is required and all bank are demanding the same to but only LIC is providing the same without NOC so will any issue happen in future

    My worry is as its a leashold property then can CIDCO create any issues as talks are on for transfering from leasehold to freehold but its going to take time

  10. I m purchasing 1bhk resale flat in ulwe builder paradise group Conveyance and society not formed .in this case i have to pay cidco transfer charges.

  11. My query is that – we had done conveyance deed on one year before and registered at office of registrar at Panvel but till date (1 yr completed) final order from CIDCO is not received. This conveyance deed was done through builder and builder is every time giving excuses of cidco officials are not available or related. Please guide in this case what to do for get final order at the earliest from cidco.

    1. You will have to check with CIDCO office in Belapur for current status.You should know your property’s File Number to make matters easier.Then approach the CIDCO office, 1st Floor, MTS Section.

  12. Hi, I am looking to sell my property in sector 28, Vashi. I have been told that CIDCO is not issuing sale and mortgage NOC for sector 28. Can you confirm if that’s correct? My flat is in a registered society. Is there any workaround?


    1. Its highly unlikely that CIDCO has imposed a blanket ban on sector 28 .. unless there is some major anomaly or irregularity endemic to the entire area.
      I do not have any info on the same.

  13. I purchased resale flat in Kalamboli in 2014. Society has been registered in 2016 (my name is included). Now Conveyance deed process is underway. Society asking 10,000 rupess each from all resale owners to include name in the CIDCO register. If we don’t pay, previous owners name will be included. Please guide. Is it as per the rule?

    1. As per rule, your name should not be included in society’s list of Primary members.Primary members are the people who purchased flats from the builder. They are not supposed to pay CIDCO transfer as their name will automatically be included in the list of Original members submitted to CIDCO.But every subsequent sale will require CIDCO transfer charges to be paid.The situation you are in is because the CIDCO officials know that people will cough up Rs 10,000 easily instead of paying for their CIDCO transfer charges separately later..which will add up 40,000-50,000 to their expenses.Most people succumb to this ‘offer’. The choice is yours.

      1. “As per rule, your name should not be included in society’s list of Primary members.Primary members are the people who purchased flats from the builder. They are not supposed to pay CIDCO transfer as their name will automatically be included in the list of Original members submitted to CIDCO.”
        I am a first buyer of a commercial office in Vashi ie directly from builder. Builder has not transferred property tax records in his name still. The newly formed society is in the process of getting |Conveyance deed done. Can I understand from the above quoted statement of yours that I being first buyer don’t need to individually get name transfer done in property tax records for my office? Is it okay to wait till Conveyance Deed done by CSL and them submitting all the original member names to CIDCO? How much will I have to pay later when society submits the member list? Will annual increase of 10% affect me? What is advisable next step for me to do keeping future ease of sale in mind.

  14. I have purchased a resale flat in kharghar in 2013. I have not done the cidco transfer till now and in society records the share certificates still having the name of previous owner.

    Now I want to complete the cidco transfer. Please guide me how to proceed.

    1. Even i want to know the result of this news piece as it has been stated that CIDCO NOC will no longer be required to sell, assign, mortgage. Please clarify whether it has been put into action.

  15. Hi Sky Properties,
    Please share the current (2018-19) Transfer charges details.
    also specify the transfer charges if the plot is owned by the Cidco member & a non-cidco person is buying the flat.
    Location: Seawoods
    Status: under construction

  16. hi,
    My father’s name in the cidco documents is different from the other documents like adhaar card,pan card etc ..(there’s a change in surname & a spelling mistake in name )….so can get to know what are the procedure to change the name in cidco documents.

    1. If there is a change in name, then it has to be supported by a change via gazette notification (Govt process).After you get that, then you can apply for change in name (Rectification) to CIDCO.If its a genuine mistake (minor) then you can apply to make changes and CIDCO will issue a rectification letter.

  17. Hi,
    I had purchased resale flat in kamothe in 2015. Now society is registered but conveyance deed is not yet done. I am yet to do cidco transfer on my name. Now I want to sell the flat. Want to know whether it is possible or I need to complete CIDCO transfer prior to it.

  18. Hi..I have purchased new property in Karanjade, Panvel in Cidco Sector. I will be getting the possession of the flat very soon, however builder is asking me for cidco transfer fees of Rs.30000. Is Rs.3000 charges for a flat with 470sq.ft carpet area OK or its something fishy? The area of building is approx.1000 sq.ft. Kindly advice.

  19. i am a resident of nerul ,my society charges for NoC that i needed for my passport rectification ,they charged me 500 rs in Jan 2018 & now i need a Noc for some document purpose again they are charging me 500rs. i wanted to know is the society charging me a genuine amount & it’s as per rule to charge & they never give the reciept of the same.

    1. Its illegal to charge Rs 500 for any NOC. There is no provision in society bye-laws for the same. Every charge by society is supposed to be backed by a receipt with society stamp and signatures of office bearers.

  20. Hi Mayur,
    I have purchased a resale flat in kharghar in 2016. I have not done the cidco transfer till now. what is the process and how much it cost.

      1. I have purchased a resale flat. how can i check if previous owner done the cidco transfer ?. it it required to me also cidco transfer.

        1. I have purchased a resale flat in vashi, conveyance deed of society is done. Building has CC and OC, cidco transfers of all previous re-sale owners was also done till 2019. But now cidco is refusing to give NOC stating that it was bunglow plot originally and there is policy decision pending. This is not APMC plot or subsidised plot. CIDCO claims that as many sellers are impacted there is decision expected soon in this matter.
          Is it safe to go ahead with purchase if loan is getting done via bank. Will cidco create any issues.
          All the lawyers i consulted told me to go ahead as this is just a technical issue and it will be resolved in few months.
          They cannot stop transfers indefinitely.

  21. i have purchased a flat in new panvel sector 10. i am the second owner of the flat.
    the first owner has not yet done cidco transfer in his name.
    also i have been informed that in new panvel Sector 10,11 and 12 cidco transfer procedure is on hold.
    what should i do?
    I have to get the share certificate transfered in my name. but until and unless this cidco transfer is done I will not be getting the share cerificate in my name.

    1. If first owner has not done CIDCO Transfer, you will have to pay his cidco transfer charges also.
      CIDCO cannot ‘hold’ any CIDCO transfer process in any area without any reason.
      Find out the reason. The real reason.
      Share Certificate has to be transferred to make the property completely yours.

      1. Hello,

        I have purchased a shop in resale and applied for CIDCO transfer along with DD of approx Rs.50000. The transfer is not done even after 3-5 years. Now the officers say that the money was withdrawn by the corrupt officer and I have to pay it again. Can you guide me in this case?

        1. If the DD was made in the Name of CIDCO, how can any officer encash it in his name ? And money has to be paid only after issue of demand letter. Not along with application. Always ask in writing and get the reply in writing. No verbal communication.

  22. Trupti CHS is freehold private builder land in Nerul Sec 8, and done deemed conveyance 2 years ago.
    Confirm weather each individual have to do the transfer process again now on….. having doubt on that.
    Kindly guide us. If in case owners death who have 50% share alongwth his Son… Shall he required to transfer formalities from cidco…

    1. No Property in Navi Mumbai is ‘Freehold’. Every property is Leasehold.
      If owner has died, the son will need an heirship certificate from court (if there is no will which has been probated by court)
      Without this, he cannot sell the property. He can get ‘caretaking’ rights if his father had signed a ‘nomination form’ with CIDCO and Society.
      But he cant sell the property.
      When deemed conveyance is done, the people who buy from builder are included in that list which CIDCO approves. This list is submitted by the society to CIDCO.
      No need to do individual transfer.

  23. Hi Sir,

    I have purchase a flat in ulwe i have paid cidco transfer charges around 40k i am second owner i dont know the first owner have paid the fees or not when he have purchased should i have to pay this please assist

    1. Hey when property is transferred under CIDCO records, the bill is issued in the name of seller but the purchaser has to bear it?

  24. Hello sir,
    I am planning to book a resale flat in Nerul from first owner. The area mentioned in his sale agreement bought from builder (20 years old) is 761 sq.ft super builtup area. The society and conveyence deed is done and first owner name is present. There is no mention of exact carpet area in any of the documents. On what basis can we calculate the carpet area and pay Cidco transfer charges? Will Cidco have the exact carpet area of the flat in their records ?

    1. Yes, CIDCO has the exact carpet area in their records, but they rarely refer to that.
      Now-a-days they simply subtract 20% from Built Up area.
      For Super Built-up area, it could be 30%-40%.

  25. Hi Sir,
    I have applied for CFC application for CIDCO transfer on my name from my dad(after his death).
    This cidco transfer letter was asked from NMMC when i went there to transfer property tax on my name.
    Hiership and Noterised application and other documents submitted in Koparkhairance CIDCO Office as prescribed in CFC Application (as our property is in sector 9 koparkhairane)
    want some information it would be helpful
    1. How much time it takes cidco to provide transfer later ?
    2. What does mean by below i received from cidco over email
    `Hello Customer,
    Your contract has been activiated. Your contract number is 00000XXXXXXX

    This is a system generated email, do not reply to this email id.`

  26. I own a flat out of 4 co structed on cidco plot at airoli sector 3.No conveyence deed issued, Sales deed /electric bill on my name butproperty tax is on deveeloper name. need assistance in getting a conveyence deeddone
    How long will it take? Thanks

      1. Hello Mayur,

        Recently I have purchased flat in nerul and I’m fourth owner but CIDCO transfer name still on first owner name. But society registered and cconveyenc deed done on 2013 where third owner holding the flat…. now what will be the process and charge for CIDCO transfer in my name.

        Please suggest….


  28. I have purchased resale property in Vashi. I am the 4th owner. I have to pay CIDCO transfer 40000/- ? Or my previous owner have to pay?

  29. My dad’s brother gifted me his flat via a gift deed. I have paid full stamp duty and registration as it’s not immediate blood relation. However, do I have to pay the cidco transfer charges in this case and how much ?

  30. Hey was CIDCO transfer charges applicaple in 2008. The previous owner had purchased the peoperty in auction at that time and sale certificate is there but the CIDCO transfer was not done. What will be transfer charges from that time? P.s. OC was received way before 2008.

  31. Hello, We executed release deed between co-owners. Do we still need to pay CIDCO transfer charges ? If yes, what are the charges please ?

    1. yes its necessary to pay the transfer charges. If 50% share is transferred, then 50% of the transfer charges are to be paid. They are calculated on the carpet area of the flat.

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