Illegal buildings demolished in Nerul

Demolition squad of NMMC gets into action in Nerul

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On June 4th,2012,a joint demolition squad of CIDCO and NMMC demolished 3 illegal buildings located in sector 6 (Sarsole) of Nerul. These buildings were being constructed on plots belonging to PAP’s (project affected people).PAP’s were the original inhabitants of Navi Mumbai.
When CIDCO acquired their farmland, they were allocated a pocket of land in the vicinity of their farmland. This cluster of houses is popularly known as Gaothan. They were allocated plots in this Gaothan to build houses for themselves.
They were also offered 12.5%  of the area of their farmland, which they could sell in the open market and make money.

illegal building demolished in Nerul
illegal building demolished in Nerul, Navi Mumbai

Unscrupulous gaonwala’s along with dubious builders sometimes build multi-storied buildings on such plots given to PAP’s for their own houses, and sell the flats in them to unsuspecting buyers for a price much cheaper than the market value.
They build such buildings by taking permission for rebuilding their personal pre-existing houses and then go on to build multi storied towers. They do not have sanctioned plans and neither do they have occupancy certificates. Such constructions are also called Gharpatti’s.
On 4th June, the demolition squad demolished such buildings in Nerul. Some buildings were at the pillar erection stage while others had reached the plinth level. CIDCO had issued legal notices to these buildings a month ago and when there was no response, they demolished the same.
The buildings demolished were located on…

Plot no 165-169 measuring 400 sq meters owned by Anant Mhatre and Bharat Mhatre.Builder Nilesh Patel.
G+2 storied building owned by Manish Patil.
Building built by Dattu patil and Sunil Patil.Developer Nitin patil.

The locals tried to prevent the demolition by preventing the JCB’s and heavy machinery from approaching the buildings but were subdued by the Police who arrested a woman who was trying to immolate herself.She claimed that she had documents to prove that the building being demolished was her home where she had been living since ages.But when asked to produce documents to back her claim,she had none.

This incident should serve as a warning to people who buy flats in Gharpatti buildings because of their cheap price. These buildings are illegal and will never gain legal status. Your money and peace of mind can vanish in the blink of an eye.
The surest way to find out whether the building is a gharpatti building is to ask the builder whether a bank loan is possible from a nationalized bank.
Co-operative banks and banks like DHFL and GIC are notorious for financing illegal projects.They accept bribes from the builder to approve loans for their illegal projects.

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