Homi Patrawala of Snowgold charged for forgery and cheating

Homi patrawala charged with fraud and forgery

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Owner of Snowgold constructions faced a setback as the high court dismissed his plea to quash the FIR against him in a forgery and cheating case. Patrawala can approach the supreme court and has stayed the the order for 8 weeks.
Patrawala approached court after another builder,Ashok Mohnanai of Ekta builders,filed an FIR against him for cheating and forgery.
As per Ekta builders,Patrawala took money as brokerage for a deal between Mohnanai and 70 year old Sushila Jadhav,who owns a bungalow on 13th Road,Khar West.Mohnanai also purchased an adjacent plot owned by Patrawala.Mohnanai claims that the money he gave for Sushila Jadhav never reached her and that Patrawala diverted the entire amount to his companies.He also donated money to trusts of politicians.
Patrawala had approached Mohnani with the offer of the bungalow in June 2010.By March 2011,he had completed all formalities and paid all the money through cheques and a cheque of Rs 6 crore for Jadhav.When Jadhav did not vacate the plot even after making all payments,Mohnani visited Jadhav only to find out that Patrawala had not forwarded the money to jadhav and had instead usurped all the money himself.Patrawala had also made a slum dweller from kanjur marg open an account in the name of Sushila Jadhav into which he deposited the cheque issued by Mohnani for Sushila Jadhav.
Mohnani then approached the economic offences wing.


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