How to fight an errant builder

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Home construction is a service under the Consumer Protection Act, hence it falls under the jurisdiction of consumer courts. Besides taking all possible precautions before purchase, purchasers should be vigilant even after paying the entire sales amount to the builder. They should not get complacent and think that the builder will deliver a defect-free property. As for the builder, he will be held responsible for all defects in the building, and for delays in handing over possession. Consumer Courts and the Apex Court have awarded damages whenever they have found defects in the home. Let us study a few cases where the courts have awarded damages and held builders liable for their negligence. In Ms. Ruchita D Mirchandani vs. Godrej Properties and Investment Ltd., the purchaser entered into an agreement with the builder for the purchase of a flat. But due to family problems, the purchaser sought to terminate the agreement. The builder informed that the purchaser had no right to terminate the contract. The builder contended that he alone was entitled to exercise the option of terminating the contract. Hence, he said, if the purchaser did not pay the balance amount, she would have to forego the amount deposited by her. The State…

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