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CIDCO sells plots for record prices

CIDCO has recently sold 3 commercial plots and 1 residential plot for Rs 79 crores.
The Commercial plots were sold at the below rates:
4000 sq meter plot for Rs 1.06 lakhs a square meter
1365 sq meter plot for Rs 1.21 lakhs a square meter
555 sq meter plot for Rs 1.41 lakhs a square meter

The residential plot of 1180 sq meters was sold for 1.11 lakhs a square meter.
The FSI for commercial plots is 1.5 while it is 1 for the residential plots.
These were sold in a tender process.

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Activists,town planners slam FSI hike proposal

The much touted ADDITIONAL FSI APPROVAL PLANS of NMMC standing committee have come under fresh fire from none other than the Town Planners Association.
It was also revealed that the ‘Professional’ report prepared by CRISIL is nothing but an eyewash.After studying the said ‘professional’ report,it has come to light that the CRISIL report is far from FOOLPROOF as cited by the ‘guardian’ minister Mr.Ganesh Naik.
The report clearly says that a comprehensive review and study of mass transportation networks is needed to be done.The level of skills needed for such a study is not in the domain of the CRISIL report,it says.
If such a study is not in the domain of CRISIL,then on what basis does the ‘Guardian’ minister Mr.Ganesh Naik say that the report this time is ‘foolproof’?
After studying the tender issued by NMMC it further comes to light that CRISIL was never appointed to study the impact of additional FSI at all but to ‘conduct a survey to revise NMMC’s revised development plan prepared in 2007.
This raises the very very important question:If the study was not for the impact of additional FSI then why did the Minister Ganesh Naik mislead the population of Navi Mumbai?
Activists and town planners now plan to oppose this tooth and nail.
The present regulation requires a committee comprising of the Municipal commissioner,PWD superintending engineer thane,DY director of town planning at Konkan Bhavan and Chief architect and planner of CIDCO to decide whether the building is really dilapidated and dangerous and hence fit for redevelopment.
The politicians now want to randomly change the composition of this committee so that every employee of the committee is a member of the NMMC so that NCP (the party controlling the NMMC has a free hand in deciding the fate of Navi Mumbai.
On the face of it,it looks like a conspiracy of the builders and politicians to benefit the builders who will get to sell additional flats in the said buildings without spending money to buy the land.
One can also go in for self redevelopment,but how many people have the resources for that is a question.
This battle has just started,but the conspiracy is evident already.

2.5 fsi in navi mumbai.Is it necessary?

Old cidco buildings

Excellent article from Newsband


Why demand 2.5 FSI when redevelopment can be done in 1 or 1.5?
This question arises after the residents of C-2 type in Vashi demand 2.5 FSI against GDCR

By Shilpa Suryawanshi

NAVI MUMBAI: In 2007, i.e. 4 years back, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay, Powai had done structural audit of C-2 type building numbers 1 to 10, in sector.16, Vashi. In its report these buildings were categorized in ‘category: c1’ which means ‘Buildings are in extremely dangerous condition and may collapse any time soon.’
Almost four years back, the C-2 type Apartment Owners Association (AOA) was in possession of IIT report but interestingly it approached Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation (NMMC) only in 2010. It is questionable that if buildings were declared as dilapidated and inhabitable, then why AOA waited for 4 years and not vacated the buildings soon after the report?
The proposal of AOA regarding declaring these buildings dilapidated was submitted to NMMC in 2010.
Soon after having proposal in hand, NMMC Commissioner, Bhaskar Wankhede appointed committee for reviewing the proposal of AOA. Committee agreed with the IIT report and sent letter to AOA stating that buildings are dilapidated.

The Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation’s Government Development Control Rule (GDCR) clearly states that if buildings are declared as unsafe then they should be vacated immediately or within the specific period. In addition to this, it also mentions that if the owner or occupier fails, neglects or refuses to comply with the notice then corporation should remove the danger by demolition or by repair. Now if one goes by that rule then under the directives of Municipal Commissioner, these buildings should have been vacated long back without delay.
Encroachment division head (of NMMC), Subhash Gaikar who was one of the members in Committee said, “Under the directive of Commissioner we have given notification in news paper and have suggested to association that buildings are in dilapidated condition.” He added, “After publishing notification and sending letter to association our responsibility has ceased.” His statement is clearly in non-compliance with GDCR in which it is clearly stated that if owner neglects the notice then corporation must remove the danger by immediate demolition.
Now the Residents dwelling in these buildings are blaming CIDCO for poor construction and instead of reconstructing buildings are demanding 2.5 FSI whereas as a matter of fact these buildings must be built in 1.00 FSI as the same provision is also mentioned in

GDCR, although corporation is inclined to approve 1.5 FSI through change-of-user; but there is a stay on the same.
President of AOA, Subhash Shewale, who is demanding 2.5 FSI said, “In near future we may start reconstruction work with 1.5 FSI (even when there is a stay on change-of-user) but at the same time we will keep provision for 2.5, as we are sure that Naik will get it sanctioned for us.” While vying for 2.5 FSI he has full faith in Thane Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik and MLA Sandeep Naik that they will win additional FSI from state government. Let us remind you that in last corporation election, Ganesh Naik had assured that he will get approval for additional FSI from state which apparently led to his National Congress Party’s victory.
RTI activist, who has unearthed hidden facts said, “When these buildings can simply be redeveloped in 1 FSI or say in 1.5 FSI through change-of-user then on what basis the said association is demanding for 2.5 FSI.” He continued, “These buildings were just built in 80’s besides later the association had also carried out extension and repair work of buildings, then how can they be declared as dilapidated.” He is also doubtful about the IIT report, he said, “How can IIT declare these buildings dilapidated which were repaired and extended just four years back by association. If anyone is truly going to benefit out of redevelopment or reconstruction then it will

be no one but builder’s lobby.” Builders lobby will benefit because if the height of buildings is increased then the value of land will go up too, besides due to additional FSI residents will get bigger flats.  It is questionable that why anyone should demand for additional FSI when they have only paid for present area to CIDCO, besides there has been no provision in corporation’s GDCR for the same.
In the present case, said association ethically cannot blame CIDCO for poor construction since in past, association itself had repaired and extended buildings, besides if reconstruction was no good then how NMMC’s Town Planning department gave Occupancy

Certificate to buildings.
If buildings are given additional FSI in Navi Mumbai then it will create a load on municipal services, likewise with increasing population, the city will feel immense pressure in terms of accommodation of vehicles in limited space.
In current scenario when corporation is already finding it difficult to accommodate vehicles, then additional FSI if at all sanctioned, then no wonder it’s bound to play havoc in so called ‘planned city’.

How builders cheat flat buyers

In our recent experience,particularly in Navi Mumbai,we have come across numerous instances of builders giving a false picture to flat buyers,in order to sell their flats.Some of these methods are listed below and could be classified as scams to rip off the gullible customer….

“There is only one flat available”

This is the most common statement made by builders to any inquiries about their projects.It is more prevalent in smaller buildings of 4 floors or less.These are typically small plots of 200 sq.meters in Navi Mumbai and are usually Tripartite (also called CIDCO transfer plots by some builders).This is done to project a false image of a booming market.In most cases the builder has not even sold a single flat,let alone all flats.He makes this statement expecting the buyer to hurry his purchase and to sell his unsold flats.And normally this ‘available’ flat is either the ground floor or the top floor or some other location with a really bad ventilation or view.This is the flat that will give him the maximum headache while selling,therefore he wants to sell it first.In big projects,its normally the 4 bhks which the builder wants to get rid of first.2 and 3 bhks are relatively easier to sell.

“All flats have been sold to investors,you will have to buy from them,there is no flat available directly”

This is nothing but another attempt to make you feel that the flats are in such a huge demand that there are none directly available from him.But dig a little further and ask him for a copy of the registered and stamp duty paid sale agreement of all those investors and you will be told that he doesnt have anything like that because they have all paid in cash !!.So basically he can catch a sweeper and make him appear like an investor cause cash payment has no record.Dont believe any such crap.This is just a trick to make you believe that he has sold all his flats.In most cases,he has not even sold a single flat.

“For carpet area,subtract 33% from the Saleable area (super built up area)”

This is the biggest scam being practiced on gullible buyers.When a builder tells you to assume that loading is just 33%,you can safely assume that the actual loading is almost 50%.You will end up paying a few lakhs more just because of this scam.It is safe to assume that in buildings that have been constructed recently (upto 3-5 years ago),the carpet area is exactly half of the built up area or maybe even upto 40% of the super built-up area.This is the main reason why older buildings are cheaper,since their carpet area is much more.
The technical term for this scam is ‘Loading’.
Please read other sections of our website for detailed explanation of this scam.

“You will get the legal papers only after paying the cash component of the deal” 

Honest builders should give you a copy of all legal documents like title certificate,Municipal sanctioned plans,sample sale agreement (on blank paper) etc which you should get verified by a lawyer.The lawyer will normally not charge you to look at these papers.Don’t make the mistake of blindly paying the builders in cash.You will never get it back and you will be trapped.

Society formation charges,Parking charges,Development charges.

Basically,you can safely assume that these charges will be taken in cash and no reciept issued as all of these charges are illegal.Supreme court has banned sale of parking space.Society formation charges are a scam as the registration of the society barely costs 5000 rupees ! What the builder doesnt tell you is that he is not only charging for the society formation but also taking money for the conveyance of land and building to the society after its formation.Development charges are also illegal.

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NMMC General Body clears 2.5 fsi for redevelopment in Navi Mumbai

Navi Mumbai creek
Navi Mumbai creek

There is good news and bad news for the people of Navi Mumbai who have been staying in dilapidated buildings which have been long declared unfit for habitation.
The good news is that The Navi Mumbai municipal corporation (NCP) General body meeting passed the proposal to hike the redevelopment FSI of Navi Mumbai to 2.5 for dilapidated structures and an FSI of 4 for gaothan areas and chawls.
This proposal has been hanging since 2009 and assumed larger proportions when elections are near.People of Navi Mumbai have been misled by false promises and announcements in the past.But this time the NMMC claims to have prepared a ‘fool proof’ plan prepared by none other than CRISIL.
If successful,the proposal will immediately affect more than 70 structures which have been declared unsafe.
Now for the bad news:The proposal will now go to the Urban development department of the Govt of Maharashtra,where it will be studied and its fate decided.
Although redevelopment is already a tough procedure,it becomes all the more tougher as most of the CIDCO building inhabitants do not have proper ownership documents and most have ‘purchased’ the flats via Power of attorney as the sale of these flats/houses was forbidden by CIDCO for a few years after allotment.To bypass this ban,alottees often sold their flats via Power of attorneys.Most buildings have still not formed co0p housing societies and many have not paid property taxes.Most dont have conveyance.
For redevelopment to succeed,all these documents have to be in order.
In order to get these in order,an expense of a few lakhs cannot be ruled out.
Its anybody’s guess as to how many residents of these low income colonies are ready to shell out that kind of cash to get their papers in order.
Until an outcome for these problems is found,redevelopment is a distant dream for most of Navi Mumbai,the approval of the Urban Development Ministry not withstanding.

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Mumbai airport encroachment clearance frozen for past 5 years


Slum in Mumbai
Slum in Mumbai (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

References:Times of India.May 12
Almost 5 years after the slum areas around Mumbai airport (Santa Cruz) were supposed to be cleared,almost nothing has changed on the ground.Almost 276 acres of land,supposed to have been cleared by the contractor HDIL,are still very much in possession of the slum dwellers.In the meanwhile,HDIL has already made a windfall profit of 2000 crores by selling the TDR it got in exchange for building tenements for the ‘relocated’ slumdwellers on its land in and around Kurla.

The total families residing in the slums numbers approx 85,000 families (or 3.5 lakh people).HDIL has so far made only (claims by the company) 10,000 tenements.Of this the Slum rehabilitation Authority has has handed over only 2000 tenements to MMRDA for allotment to the slum dwellers.But on the ground,only 500 tenements have been actually allotted.These 500 families were shifted as they were coming in the way of the sahar elevated road from WE highway to International airport.

The confusion about who is eligible and who is not is only set to intensify as more than 50% of the slumdwellers are ineligible for the houses.The govt has set the year 2000 as the cut-off date for the houses.Which means that only those slum dwellers residing there before the year 2000 will get the benefits.

HDIL has marked 5 locations for building 33,000 tenements eventually.

These are:-
Premier automobile land,Kurla
Popular car bazaar land,Andheri
Bhandari metallurgical estate,Kurla
Bombay oxygen land,LBS Marg
Kilburn Engineering,Nahur

The max tenements will be built at Premier automobiles land,Kurla -17523 tenements.

Where the rest of the 52,000 slum dwellers will go is anybody’s guess.

The collector is still busy verifying who is eligible and who is not.
Currently the FSI for SRA projects stands at 4.
The first time this FSI was allowed was for HDIL.Now everyone gets it.
The total size of the Mumbai airport is 1800 acres.
The total encroached area is 276 acres.

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