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We maintain a huge database of ongoing and planned projects in Navi Mumbai. We have confidential sales data (including price) of all real estate projects in Navi Mumbai. This data alone can help you save lakhs of rupees while buying or selling a flat. We scrutinize all project details such as carpet area of the flat, location details, permissions obtained, sanctioned plans, bank approvals, builder credibility, future development etc.
We would be glad to offer you unbiased and well researched advice for all your real estate needs.
We specialize in new projects in Ulwe and maintain a huge database of projects from 3600 p.sq.ft to 5300 per sq ft.

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Sample data of sales in Kamdhenu Gardenia (an upcoming project in Taloja Phase 2)

As you can see, the builder has sold the same configuration at different rates to unsuspecting buyers. Just by access to such information, you can save at least a few thousands (if not a few lakhs). We have such data for all projects in Navi Mumbai.

Building NameConfigurationFlat noArea (carpet)PriceReady Reckoner rateFloor
Aster1 bhk 10438.39                                 32,26,000                            19,69,9201
Coronation1 bhk A20438.39                                 33,78,000                            19,69,9201
Coronation1 bhk B 20238.39                                 34,16,000                            19,70,2242
Coronation1 bhk A 10238.39                                 34,36,000                            19,70,2241
jasmine1 bhk 30438.39                                 34,36,000                            19,70,2241
Lavender 1 bhk 40338.39                                 34,42,000                            19,69,9204
Coronation1 bhk A 10438.39                                 34,42,310                            19,69,9201
Coronation1 bhk A 10338.39                                 34,42,310                            19,69,9201
Bouganville2 bhk30149.28                                 42,54,000                            24,77,0683
Lilly2 bhk30349.28                                 43,00,000                            24,77,0683
marigold2 bhk10349.28                                 43,00,000                            24,77,0681
Bouganville2 Bhk20149.28                                 43,00,000                            24,77,0682
marigold2 bhk20149.28                                 43,20,000                            24,77,0682
marigold2 bhk10249.28                                 43,24,000                            24,77,0681
Bouganville2 bhk 10149.28                                 43,30,000                            24,77,0681
Sales Data of Kamdhenu Gardenia in Taloja Phase 2.

19 replies on “Recommended projects”

Dear sir,
i want to purchase a flat between 10lac to 15lac. but the only gaothan flat is available in that price sir please suggest me the what I do. Can i purchase the gaothan flat,
it has not any risk

Any flat for which you cant get a loan from SBI,LIC or HDFC is illegal or has some deficiency.Avoid them.Between 10-15 lakhs you will not even get an under construction 1 room kitchen in a developing node like Ulwe.Gaothan flat without CC and sanctioned plans is illegal.

sir, congratulations on such a elaborate portal..the website is well designed , informative and user frindly for laymen like me..
i have just one query..i wish to invest in a 250 sq feet shop in an under construction project in a designated shopping area in ulwe.. what should be the budget i have to consider? thank you.

Dear sir,
i want to invest in an apartment between 30 lac to 40 lac in ulwe but heard that the upcoming projects and developments in the area are very unlikely.i want to know whether it would be safe to invest in ulwe? or should I go for a more safer option at hinjewadi?

I want to buy an apartment between 25 to 33 lac in Old or New Panvel where should i buy. Is Matheran Panvel near Aakruli & Sukhapur village) road a good investment

All investments in the outskirts is a gamble.I would ask you to instead invest in places like Ulwe which are much closer and where infrastructure is well planned.For 25 t0 33 you can get a decent 1 bhk which will appreciate well.

I am a Gov Employee and planning to buy a flat in Ulwe Sector 5.
I have located a property there which is yet to start construction(by Jan 13 or so) and the builder says that its a third party plot alloted by CIDCO and he is developing it. It requires mentioning here that all his flats are already sold out due to close proximity to upcoming Baman Dongari Staion.

Now my queries are:-
(a) What document should one check before making any further paymnet?
(b) I was going through all your articles, and understand that CIDCO gives all plots on lease for 60 years only, so.

(i) What will happen after 60 years? What in your opinion would CIDCO do after 60 yrs?

(ii) Does all the property in Navi Mumbai of the same category including all BIGG projects located on Palm Baech Road? if yes then why one buys a flat in Navi Mumbai if its uncertain what will happen after 60 years. I mean why should one shell out in lakhs or even crore for getting a property for 60 years only.

I hope you will share your view on this because many are still in dilemma and concerned on this issue.

You can schedule an appointment with my office and bring all the xerox copies of the documents.This will enable me to give an opinion.A visit to my office will cost money,so please confirm before coming.If the builder does not give you the documents,we can do an on the spot verification also.

Hi Mayur,

I am considering a 1bhk project of Paradise Group in Ulwe. They are quoting 5250/- rate. Is the rate too high? Is Paradise Group trustworthy (in the sense that no cheating/scam will be there in the project). ? Please advice.

Cheating and scam can only be decided after checking their legal papers.As far as the price is concerned,you should check with the neighbouring buildings and their prices and amenities.If its comparable then the price is right.

Sir, I am a Defence person have limited hard earned money. I am looking for a 2 BHK flat in ULWE. I intend to make 20 percent down payment and take loan for the balance amount. Please recommend me the project from MEGA Nova (Sector 9), Today Elite(Sector 17) and any other project. Today is quoting 5000 psq and Mega Rs. 5000/-. Pls advise me

hello i am looking to buy a one r.k in ulwe,the builder is Kuber dhanlaxmi, plot no C-37, C-38, Sector 8, ulwe. he is asking for 3700 per sq foot but his developmental charges are 1 this high for ulwe?if you need to look at the papers where can i mail them and are there any charges for the same?

Development charges can be anywhere from 100 Rs per sq ft to 125 rs per sq ft.There is no rule.If it is a one room kitchen,then 100 rs per sq ft is ok.You can bargain.If you want us to have a look at the papers,the cost will be Rs.2000 for the same.You can call 9987452642

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