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Mayur Panghaal – Owner, Sky Properties

Sky properties is a professional real estate agency based in Nerul, Navi Mumbai with its area of operations stretching over the entire city of Navi Mumbai.
We have been in the real estate business right from 1995,when Navi Mumbai was just beginning to take shape into the highly developed city we see today.
We have experience at every level of the real estate trade right from sales to legal documentation to due diligence. In all these years we have had the opportunity to serve every level of society right from multi-national conglomerates to the individual house hunter.

Our company was founded in 1994 as a small real estate consultancy selling quality real estate in Nerul, Navi Mumbai. In 1995, the vision of Sky properties began to take shape with the company soon expanding its role as high end sellers of property resulting in considerable success not only in Nerul but also the entire Navi Mumbai. Sky properties opened its first office in 1995 which was  followed recently by the permanent office in the Nerul railway station complex, allowing us to be easily accessible to our clients. We have deliberately resisted expanding via the franchisee route as real estate is a highly personalized profession where a dilution of quality and control is a recipe for disaster.

Why Us ?

When selling a home, a real estate agent can be an indispensable resource. Real estate agents can give you up-to-date information regarding prices, legal documentation, financing, terms and conditions of competing properties, and information about the housing market in general.

A real estate agent will market your property to other real estate agents – as well as to the public – and will know the best way to go about doing so.

A real estate agent can also help you objectively evaluate buyer proposals, and then, finally, help you close the sale.

In fact, a 2005 study on Home Sellers reports that the median sales price of an agent-assisted home was 27% higher than one sold “by owner.”

We have no quarrel with people who charge less than us,they know what their service is worth and we know what our service is worth

Call  9987452642

We look forward to working with you and we thank you for entrusting Sky properties.

We are conveniently located in Nerul and will be glad to serve you.


  1. Dear Sir,
    I am impressed with the contents of your site.
    I have just purchased a flat in Koparkhairane having 22 flats. 7 owners own 1 flat each, One owner has 2 flats. 7 flats are owned by an investing Company, and 6 flats are owned by another Company for investment. These Companies have purchased for investment and not for their staff or so. So technically there are only 10 owners. How many owners should come together to initiate formation of Society? Builder has not shown any inclination in formation of Soc.

  2. Hi Mayur,

    Would like to know two things:

    1. Why CIDCO transfer is important.
    2. If my society is issuing the share certificate but my CIDCO transfer is pending…Will i not get the share certificate.

    Please help

    1. Actually,the society is not supposed to issue share certificate in absence of CIDCO Transfer NOC and neither is the Registrar supposed to register the sale agreement…but then this is India.Anything goes.If society has transferred share certificate,you are rightful member of society.Enjoy.

  3. Hi Mayur,
    For selling a flat in Navi Mumbai. Buyer is applying for home loan from bank. Buyer says that “part registration” should be done after buyer pays part payment (his contribution) to seller to avail the sanctioned home loan from bank.
    Is this part registration, a must? Can the buyer not avail of the home loan from the bank with just a proof of part payment (like a receipt from the seller)?

  4. Dear Mr.Mayur,
    First of all a heartiest wishes to you for successfully carrying out a unbiased and honest forum in the realestate sector.
    I have a flat in airoli cidco plots row house wherein one floor of 1200sqft and another floor of 1300sqft flats are present.
    Ground floor is 2 flat one is commercial and other residential.My queries are.
    1.we dont have the conveyence deed till now(since 1998).What are the procedure and time and money involved.Can your company do it for me as an individual or for al of us.
    2.can i convert my flat to a commercial establishment.
    Hope i am not bothering you.Awaiting for a urgent reply.
    Thanking you in advance.

    1. Hello,
      Yes,we can do the cidco conveyance but before that you will have to tell him exactly how many rowhouses are there ? and how many shops,flats are there? Is a society formed ?
      You cannot change the use of your flat to commercial shop without the permission of the CIDCO authorities.

  5. There is only one row house and we are 4 members.2 occupy the first and second floor.the groung floor is occupied by 2 (1 commercial and the other residential).
    No society has been formed.

    1. In municipal sanctioned plans,how many flats are shown ? or is the whole rowhouse one unit ? or have you divided the rowhouse after making it ?

        1. If he has divided it by himself without approval from CIDCO or NMMC,then it will count as one single unit.The building plans sanctioned by the NMMC or CIDCO will give a clear picture.If there are other rowhouses in the vicinity,you can form a society or association of all the rowhouses and get it registered.

  6. Thanks,
    which is the fastest way to complete the whole process.We want some professionals like you to handle the case.Is it possible?

    1. Thank you.
      You will have to give me the full details about the rowhouses and only after examining the same can I give an estimate of the time and costs involved.
      Thank you.

  7. Thanks once again.What details do you require.Shall i send you the copy of my electricity bill or you require other docs.
    Kindly eply

  8. Thanks for the response.Will be sending you the details ASAP.Meanwhile Can we have a meeting somewhere this week(preferably on wednesday) to discuss further the issue.
    Best Regds

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