CIDCO transfer charges: Everything you wanted to know

CIDCO Transfer in Navi Mumbai

CIDCO Transfer Charges are mandatory/compulsory in Navi Mumbai for all types of real estate.


Because all land in Navi Mumbai belongs to CIDCO. They acquired the farmland from villagers starting back in 1970’s. They only give land on lease (long lease of 60 years) and hence they are like a giant landlord. Now logic should tell us that if we are sitting on a property that belongs to a giant landlord (in this case its CIDCO), it is but obvious that if you want to leave and make someone else sit in your place, you will need the approval of the landlord and abide by the lease conditions.

What happens if you dont pay CIDCO transfer charges?

Well, that depends on whether you are the buyer or seller of the property and whether you and the buyer before you has paid the stamp duty or not. If the buyer before you has paid the transfer charges, then you dont have to worry. Just pay the transfer charges for your transaction and you’re ok. But if the seller has not paid his transfer charge (when he purchased the flat) then you are liable to pay it when you purchase the flat from him. Or else, you can ask him to shell out the money for his transfer.
So make sure that you purchase a flat only after checking that the previous owner has paid the CIDCO transfer charges. If you buy from the builder, you don’t have to pay transfer charges as it will be applicable after the formation of the society and at the time of conveyance of the land and building in favor of the society.

Sometimes even the banks are not aware of these transfer charges as these are unique to CIDCO areas in Maharashtra, and the builders don’t want to tell you at the time of selling the flat to you as they don’t want any additional expenses to come in the way of their sale. CIDCO transfer charges increase by approx 10% every year.

Is there any other clearance required from CIDCO ?

Yes. After obtaining the CIDCO NOC, you may require a ‘Mortgage NOC’ (if you are taking a loan from a bank). The bank will not disburse the loan unless you obtain this Mortgage NOC from CIDCO.

What do transfer charges depend upon?

They depend on the carpet area (not built up area) of the flat.

Is GST applicable on CIDCO Transfer Charges ?

Unfortunately, CIDCO has started levying GST of 18% on CIDCO Transfer Charges. It may help to note that before 2014, there were no additional taxes of any kind on CIDCO Transfer charges as neither is CIDCO selling you any goods and neither is it providing any service to you. Simply changing your name in Govt (CIDCO) records and taking money for the same is NOT a service.

Does Govt charge GST on registration and stamp duty paid while purchasing a flat ? NO.
So why is CIDCO taking 18% as GST for doing exactly the same thing (changing your name in govt records) ?

-Mayur Panghaal (Owner Sky Properties)

But aren’t CIDCO Transfer charges abolished ?

CIDCO Transfer charges are implemented as per law passed in Assembly. Its called the New Bombay Disposal of Lands Act and New Bombay Disposal of Land Rules. To change that law and the rules which govern it, it will have to be altered in the Assembly.
CIDCO earns hundreds of crores via these Transfer charges, which is then spent on by CIDCO for developing the infrastructure and paying its staff salaries. So promising to ‘abolish’ it was just like a lot of other false promises made by ignorant and foolish politicians who have zero idea of economics. But these fake promises only work where the population at large is ignorant of basic laws.

When are these charges payable ?

These charges are payable after registration of the Sale Agreement (Part Payment Agreement) or in case of payment in one shot (No bank loan) it is payable after the Sale Deed.

Are all flats/buildings/societies eligible for CIDCO Transfer Charges automatically ?

No, the Society must have something called Conveyance and must feature in CIDCO records. More than 50% of Societies do not have ‘Conveyance’ in their favor in CIDCO records.

Are transfer charges fixed?

No, they increase by 10% every year on the 1st of April (beginning of new financial year).
So please check for the latest rates below….

Latest CIDCO Transfer Charges 2021
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Mayur Panghaal

With more than 20 years experience at every level of the Real Estate market in Navi Mumbai, Mayur is equipped and trained to handle every task when it comes to buying or selling a property in Navi Mumbai. From knowledge of local development regulations to handling matters at the registration office or CIDCO, he is more than capable of helping you achieve your ends. You can get in touch with him on 9987452642

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  1. Hi Mayur, Thanks for posting such useful article. I would request you to intimate me if CIDCO Transfer charges have increased wef Mar 13 and if yes, what are the latest charges. Thanks

  2. Who pays the NOC charges to the builder if society formation is still in progress. what will be the charges for 66.693 sq mtr carpet area flat.

  3. Bought a resale property(flat) at CBD Belapur in the month of Feb’13 with all all papers clear.Registration date was 25th Feb’13. Full payment was done on 10th April’13. Since the broker was involved in the deal, payment for CIDCO transfer and final order payment was handed over to the broker in the month of Mar’13.

    Now after almost 6 months, have not yet got the CIDCO transfer and neither the sale deed has been done. When questioned about the CIDCO transfer, he replies that the process takes time.

    Also regarding sale deed he informs that without CIDCO transfer same will not take place.He has also informed that for Sale Deed LBT will be applicable as final registration is happening post 1st April’13.

    Have following queries.

    What should be done first? sale deed or Cidco transfer.
    Without sale deed CIDCO transfer will happen?
    What is the TAT (turn around time) for getting CIDCO transfer?
    Is LBT applicable in my case? as initial registration was already done prior to 1st April’13.

    Request your kind assistance in this regard.

    1. Cidco transfer should take a max of 1 month if the agent is following up regularly.The main thing is getting hold of the file in Cidco record room.Once you get hold of the file,the rest of the job is relatively smooth.I do not know about LBT.Cidco transfer is not necessary for Sale deed.You can find out if LBT will be liable at the reg office.

  4. Hi Mayur,

    We have Brought a property in Kamothe, then we have done with sale deed. Now in case of CIDCO transfer, our broker (Also a member of society ) have taken Cash amount of 50000/- in December 2012. Then when we use to ask about CIDCO transfer, his reply was it is to be done yet. One day he has shown us the DD of amount appx. 45000/- to us. Days has gone but his reply was the same that it will take time. Lator we had dispute with them & now he is just not accepting that we have paid the amount for CIDCO transfer.

    So before we take any legal action I just want to verify whether that DD was paid to CIDCO or not ? mean is CIDCO transfer has been done or not.

    please suggest us the solution.

    1. CIDCO issues reciepts for all the amounts they take as Transfer Charges.If he can show the reciepts from CIDCO with details of your property,then the CIDCO transfer has been paid,or else not.For CIDCO transfer,the society conveyance has to be done.If conveyance of society has not been done,you will not get the CIDCO transfer NOC.

  5. Would like to know what all documents are required for cidco transfer. And And whether can i get the format of those documents. And also can you please let me know why it is important to get the cidco transfer done.

    1. You will need a whole set of documents depending on whether your society is standing on a tender plot or a Tripartite (12.5% gaothan plot).These include your society NOC,Registered sale agreement,various undertakings and declarations on 100 rupee stamp papers,2 forms of application (arji).I don’t know where you would get the complete set of these documents although you can try the CIDCO website.

  6. hi. found the article very useful. had one doubt, whether cidco transfer charges are applicable to cidco tender plots.

  7. Hi Mayur,
    Please advise, i am the chief promoter of a 21 residential flat building, we have reserved the name of the society with cidco, belapur and have opened promoters account in a co-op bank. We have consent of builder ang got x,y, z forms completed. Please clarify if we require NOC from Cidco for formation of society ? its a triparty plot. Thank you.

  8. Hi Mayur,

    we are purchasing one home in nerul ,the society is built on a CIdco Tender plot.

    The owner is saying the CIDCO Transfer fees is not applicable for TENDER plot.

    can you please let me know any document which can clarify this doubt.


  9. Hi Mayur,
    First of all thanks for providing free genuine advice to people!!
    My query is – I am buying a resale flat (CIDCO constructed and allotted to current Tenant), CHS is registered.
    a) Do I need to have CIDCO NOC?
    b) I know there are CIDCO transfer changes but need to pay for NOC as well? How much is the charge for NOC?

    1. Yes.Its needed.Transfer and noc is the same.Transfer charge depends on the carpet area of your flat.Check on the chart on my website.Good luck.

  10. Dear Mr. Mayur,
    Many thanks to you for taking pain in going through long written questions and answering all of them. I have one question as well.
    I intend to buy flat in nerul. It is built on society owned plot (lease deed between society and cidco) developed by some builder. The flat was allotted to the seller by society and also stamp duty (for the plot) was paid by society on behalf of all the members. Seller, although being primary bonafide member of the society, had done sale agreement with developer as he had borrowed some money from the developer to purchase the flat in society. The sale agreement is not registered.
    An advocate suggested me that if I get the CIDCO noc then registered sale agreement may not be required as seller was primary bonafide member of the society and allottment of the flat to seller was done by society.
    Please advice if I should insist seller to get the agreement registered before buying the flat or just get the cidco noc and buy the flat (even if sale agreement is not registered). Please let me know if I should face any legal problem in future.

  11. Sir.
    Can the society refuse membership on the grounds that the second buyer has not obtained Cidco transfer.

  12. Sir,
    First of all thanks for good advice and saving people from unwanted traps/hazards of flat buying in Navi Mumbai.
    I intend to buy a flat in Roadpali on resale from an investor. OC has come but society has not formed. I have asked for Developers’ NOC before purchase. I want to know whether CIDCO transfer charges can be paid by the seller before registering Agreement for Sale. What would be CIDCO transfer charges for carpet area of 681 sq feet plus terrace of 153 sq feet (I do not know whether terrace area is included or not in carpet and if included then in what percentage/ratio).

    I would also like to know whether CIDCO charges a share/percentage of unearned income (difference in the purchase and sale price of the investor) besides a fixed transfer fee (I have read about this on a website).

    Thanks in anticipation,

    1. Unless the society is formed and conveyance done,it wont be possible to pay CIDCO transfer charges.CIDCO transfer charges will be paid collectively by the society if your name figures in the Society member list at time of registration of the society.Transfer charges are a flat charge.No percentage or share business.What you are talking of is Capital gains.Capital gains is paid by seller,not buyer.
      Good Luck.

      1. Thank you very much sir for the clarification. I want to know whether the developer/promoter can include my name in society members’ list replacing first buyer’s name before registration of society and whether I would liable to pay CIDCO transfer charges in such situation also.

        1. Yes,the developer can do it if he is scrupulous.If he is unscrupulous,he can ask you for money for doing so.If he includes your name,you will not be liable to pay transfer charges as it would be paid collectively by the Society at the time of Conveyance.

  13. Whether any type of CIDCO transfer and registration is required in case of transfer of membership by the society in the name of wife of a deceased member?. This is 12.5% gaothan scheme leased plot.
    Pl guide. Whether her son can b a associate member?

    1. Yes,transfer is required but only token amount has to be paid.Contact CIDCO for the exact amount.Society should not transfer the flat without confirmation of CIDCO transfer.In case of deceased member,a hiership certificate should be obtained from the court.After that the whole procedure can be started.Good luck.

  14. Thank u. …I have one query! had bought a resale apt in koparkhairne seven years back for x amt. Planning to sell it for x+ 20 lacs. Not sure whether the earlier owner paid the cidco transfer? What all am I supposed to pay? Please help.

    1. If original owner was member of the society when Conveyance was obtained for the society,then he didnt have to pay any transfer charges.

  15. A Flat which was originally on the name of mother , son and daughter inlaw , Has been gifted by mother to her son and daughterinlaw with proper registeration and payment of stamp duty, Original CIDCO transfer was on all three names, Do i have to again go for a CIDCO transfer to remove my mothers name .Please advice

    1. Yes,because if and when they decide to sell the flat at any point in the future,they will need approval from all 3.In this case you will just have to show the relevant documents and pay a nominal charge (not full money).

  16. Dear mr.Mayur,
    i bought a resale flat from the first owner from a registered society at Koperkhairne.The first owner was a member of the soceity while forming the same and he directly bought the flat from the builder.
    I have not done any CIDCO transfer.
    My queurie is 1)Is the flat already cidco transfered ?
    2) Is there any way to find out the transfer status on line?
    Kindly help through your reply.

  17. Sir, I’m regular follower of your blog.
    Do u have any idea about vashi sec 10 A buildings which are constructed on bungalow plots and almost all society’s are not registered. We have also seen a flat in the sec 10 A in society for which OC was obtained in 2001, but society still not registered, conveyance & cidco transfer not done by the builder, we have paid token amount to the seller who is a first buyer, thinking that it can be done any time. Later, we came to know that loan is not possible from leading banks. After further enquiries with local agents, we found that almost all society’s are not registered.
    The seller is making delay in returning our money. As he is not getting any buyer for the flat.
    My query is what is the risk factor if we go ahead with this deal ?
    Pl reply, we r confused.

    1. If bank loan is not possible,there is a good chance that the buildings have a problem.full and precise opinion can only be given after seeing the documents

      1. Sir, Have i heard any problem with sec 10 A, vashi. As these buildings are constructed on bunglow plots. can i send u scanned documents. pl. give email address. Thanx..

  18. sir after obtaining O.C, what are the legal documents that one should get it done?? Also what is the procedure for the same?

  19. Dear Sir,
    My father had earlier bought a flat in Kalamboli which had no nominee, after his death my mother transferred the flat into her name including nominee through court process. Can u suggest what charges would be levied by cidco to transfer it to her name.???

  20. Hi Mayur,

    We stay at New panvel Some ten years back bought a property ie divided into two paying 12 lakhs including stamp duty and registration but the NOC was not given to cidco. Now as per the new rule of cidco one property cannot have two owners hence transfer is not possible. Our local owner has given us the option of Making us the joint owners on the property. Is that possible>

  21. Sir I have purchased a flat at kamothe through a seller & have undergone registration formalities . Kindly suggest do I still require to go for Cidco transfer , if yes kindly suggest the charges & what is the time frame by which i need to submit the transfer charges. Am I liable for some penalty charges kindly suggest

    1. Yes,you require to pay the cidco transfer charges.Charges are determined by your carpet area.You can submit at any time but CIDCO transfer charges applicable at the time of submission will apply.CIDCO transfer charges increase every year.There is no penalty charges for late submission.

  22. Hi Mayur,
    I bought a resale flat dt on 2011 from the first owner from registered society at kamothe. T he first owner was a member of society while forming the same and he directly bought the flat from builder but that time not issued share certificate on the name of first owner and also not registered conveyance deed between builder and society. Conveyance deed has been registered on June 2014. On the time purchase the flat first owner paid 12,000/ Rs to society for Noc for sale flat. And I had paid 25,000/Rs for transfer of membership and share certificate. Now society told us to pay again 25,000/ Rs for Cidco transfer charges. Is it we have to pay twise time transfer charges? One for society and second time for Cidco?

    1. Yes,you will have to pay transfer charges to CIDCO if you didnt pay it at time of purchase so that your name features in CIDCO records.But you should do the CIDCO transfer on your own because its a complicated process and very time consuming.If you are interested in doing the CIDCO transfer process,we can handle the same for you at very reasonable cost.
      Pls call on 9833802522 if youre interested.Transfer charge depends on the carpet area of flat.

  23. Dear Mayur,

    Many Thanks for your free advise to everyone,

    I need your suggestion for my question below.

    > I’m going to sale my property [under 12.5% GES], also I got one interested party who is ready to purchase the flat whose loan is also approved from ICICI & Axis banks, but now he is asking me for one paper “cidco noc” I checked in my all the documents but I did not find any letter like this, also when we purchased this property in the year of 2007 that time we did not ask for this letter, can you please suggest what is this paper all about & please let me know in case you can do my help to get it from CIDCO office

      1. Thanks for your reply!!
        Can you please suggest!,
        Our society is formed, we have share certificate & deemed conveyance
        Is this enough to get the cidco noc for flat sales?

  24. I am keen to buy a bunglow plot in Kharghar. It is a cidco tender plot owned by a builder. Appreciate your guidelines on the same,

  25. Hi sir,
    i have my flat in koperkhairane navimumbai,i have some query plz help me,
    1) i have buy flat in Dec 2013 from mr x who is 1st owner of property
    2 ) society is not yet formed poperty is under 12.5 gaothan scheme of cidco.
    3) how could i know 1st owner has paid CIDCO transfer charges and and how do i pay CIDCO transfer charges if i have 2 sell property.
    plz help

    1. Cidco transfer charges are only payable once society is formed.If society is not formed,there is no question of CIDCO transfer charges.The person who’s name is in the society member list does not have to pay CIDCO transfer charges as the same are adjusted at time of Conveyance.

  26. Hi Mayur,
    This Is Anurag, My deal is in process for 1 bhk; which is 520 sq,ft built up & there is not mentioned carpet. This building constructed in 2004-05. in Meter Square it comes around 48.31 sq.m. My existing owner purchased same flat in 2011 & already paid 16500/- he has receipt of this. I want to know how much amount I need to pay for same now (in 2014)?

    1. You will have to contact the society for the carpet area details.They have the carpet area details of all flats.They will have to give a statement and NOC.If you want to do CIDCO transfer and other processes,we can handle the same.Please contact us on 9833802522.

  27. Hi, This is Siddhesh Sawant. Would like to know, can we get the CIDCO NOC if the conveyance deed is not in place? This is resale property & I have paid the transfer charges last year when i bought. The society is formed but triparty agreement is not in place for this 12/5 gaothan land.
    Now i need to transfer the home loan from one bank to another & this new bank have kept my application on hold due to this reason. I have all acknowledged copies of trasnfer application & receipt of the payment made for transfer. Pls guide.

  28. Hi
    I have purchased a flat from the society, one member left and I got it and paid cidco transfer charges as well, but I have not paid stamp duty and registered it,

    is it required to register and stamp duty, can I do it now

  29. Hi.
    I have a query.
    My building is situated on tendered plot at Airoli constructed in year 1999. I m the third buyer after the builder. The second buyer had bought the flat in 2002 and i bought it in year 2007. The society was formed in 2004, but the conveyance was done recently. i.e July 2014.
    The society included the name of first buyer in the conveyance.
    Now i am intending to sale my flat.
    I am ready to pay the two transfer charges and the new buyer is intending to pay the third transfer charge. i have fulfilled all the documents for the present buyers like resignation letter, accpeting the new member etc. but i have don’t have the documents of the previous buyers other then chain of registrations .
    So will CIDCO just accept the amount on based on Registered documents.?
    What is other option to eliminate the documentation process.?
    Will Cidco accept the two previous transfers directly.?

  30. Hi Mayur,

    I and my wife are planning to buy a 1 BHK house in Airoli. The flat is being sold by the 1st owner within 4-5 months of possession because of some financial emergency. The society has not yet been formed/registered as it’s been only 4-5 months since builder has given possession of the flats, hence no conveyance deed and CIDCO transfer. I wanted to know if there is going to be any problem in future because of this. What should I make sure before buying the property ?

  31. Hello Mayur, Nice Article.

    I wanted to know two things about about NRI Complex:

    1) Can Resident Indians buy the flats
    2) What about the unearned income for the seller.

  32. Dear Sir,
    I have purchased resale 1 BHK Flat at Kamothe, navi Mumbai. So i need to pay Cidco Transfer Charges. Society has been firm after 3 months purchased the flat & still conveyance deed has not been done. Please suggest.

      1. Hi Mayur,
        Thank you for your information. I have one question . If I have to CIDCO transfer. Does the previous OWNER’s sign and photo required or it is mandatory? I have all the documents with duly signed by previous owner.

        Thank you in advance.

  33. Hello,i stay in vashi,navi Mumbai.
    Actually I wanted to know that how much cidco costs to remove our property file?and for name transfer?

  34. I have a flat in Vashi and planning to sell my flat. Somebody told me before selling flat I have to do the CIDCO trasnfer. What are the documents required for doing CIDCO transfer. Is there any documents required from the ower whom I purchased. I was the third owner of the flat.

    1. Yes,CIDCO transfer is required.The previous owner shd have paid transfer chgs.The receipts should be there to prove it.If not,you will be liable to pay it at time of selling your flat.Yes,there will be signatures and id proofs required of the previous owner for getting the transfer in your name.

  35. I have purchased a flat from a party that had purchased directly from builder. The society was formed before i purchased but conveyance deed is not completed. I have not paid cidco transfer charges however I am a member of society and I have done registration at the time of purchase in 2012.
    Now I want to sell the flat however the buyers lawyer has told that I have to pay cidco transfer fee to buyer as when the conveyance will be done cidco will ask for transfer charges of me purchasing from first party – that I have to pay and buyer will pay his transfer charges.
    I want to ask, when conveyance is done, does cidco ask for transfer fee for all the instances of flat sale. For eg if conveyance is done after 5 years of society formation and a flat is sold 5 times, the current owner at that time (during cidco transfer on his name) will have to pay transfer charges for 5 times or only his charges.

    1. Buyer is right.He will have to pay your charges at time of conveyance if you are not listed as the first member of your society in the society registration documents.

  36. It is not understood when the Lease Deed stands in the name of the Society. Every time a flat is sold, CIDCO imposes transfer charges, when in fact CIDCO does not create sub-lease in the name of the member of the society. For the same flat if it is sold several times, every time CIDCO collects service charges. Let us take example of the Limited Company, the shareholders go and come… it is a continuous process. The property of the company is not dependent on the sale and purchase of share certificates. Similarly, when CIDCO does not create lease or sub lease in the name of the member of the society, what is the logic in imposing such charges? Is it not illegal?

  37. Mayur Sir,

    My query for lease deed, executed by Society.

    My Society at Nerul has done the lease deed thru lawyer. In AGM lawyer briefed the members on Lease Deed ( and CIDCO transfer of all the members thru the term under the table as Rs. 2000-3000 for each members flat. – since it was under the table term from lawyer AGM minutes of the meeting did not contain the clause of CIDCO transfer of all the members).

    We contributed Rs. 25 Lakhs towards lease deed and CIDCO transfer for 226 Flats. when demanded the receipt of Lease Deed they showed us Receipt of Rs. 16.6 lakhs towards stamp duty at registrar office only.
    Remaining 6.5 lakhs receipt they are evading our queries and misguiding us.

    In this regards I submitted an RTI application for lease deed copy and Record books of CIDCO listing all the members and also submitted 2 individual RTI’s for 2 flats, which clearly mentioned that CIDCO Transfer not done. CIDCO provided me the required documents of all the 3 RTI applications.

    I am not able to understand why the Lease deed cost
    has gone upto Rs. 16.5 Lakhs, what Stamp duty has to do with lease deed ?

    In this regards following are my queries

    A. What are the lease deed charges for a society measuring 11,977 Sq. meters ?

    B. How much is the actual cost to be paid for lease deed

    C. How much is the cost to be paid as stamp duty ?

    Please provide the break cost of least deed charges for
    a society with 226 + 17 = 243 members with area of
    11,977 Sq. meters.


    Ajaz Ahmed

    1. This query is too vast and detailed to be replied to.
      Please contact us on 9833802522.
      Consultancy charges will apply.Please confirm the same via telephone before proceeding further.
      Thank you.

  38. i have purchased a flat in a tender plot from the original owner.the builder/resident of building has not made a society so we are planning to foam a housing society. pls.clarify weather i have to pay transfer charges to cidco since i am a flat owner now and the convayance deed is going to register now only.

    regards n thanks.

  39. HI Mayur

    I am purchasing a flat in 12.5 goathan plot , I am taking a bank loan for the same , My Lawyer has asked me to submit few document , mainly , Seller Resignation & Resolution for him (lawyer ) to get transfer from cidco ,which the society member have informed us would be given post all agreement takes place

    Now i am in deleima because i have paid registration amount but cannot go ahead with sales deed & 2nd registration without which bank wouldn’t issue Chq to seller
    Kindly suggest alternative without causing any delay

    1. The Steps are..
      1.Register the part payment sale agreement.
      2.Apply to CIDCO after obtaining all documents/resolutions from society.
      3.After that you can apply to the bank with all documents for loan.
      Good luck.

  40. 1) I have seen a resale flat in a private society, in vashi sec 9A, this owner is not having property tax in his name, he says property tax bill comes in the name of society, it is divided among the owners. Does it mean that cidco transfer is not in the name of owner?
    I have a flat in sanpada, for which I am getting property tax in my name. why this owner is not getting the same, I’m confused, Pl explain.

    2) If I want to buy a row house in vashi, do I need to check whether owner had paid cidco transfer charges or not? if he has not done cidco transfer, should I go ahead to purchase this property, Pl suggest.

    1. Its possible the property tax is paid as a whole by society.
      Cidco transf has nothing to do with property tax.
      Yes…You shd check whether CIDCO transfer has been done by property owner.If he has not done, you should find out why and deduct the charges from the price.Plus you shd deduct the expense it will cost you to hire a lawyer who will do the procedure for you if you dont have any clue.

  41. When does CIDCO NOC to mortgage is required and not required?


    When does CIDCO NOC to transfer is required?

    1. CIDCO NOC for Mortgage is required when you want to take a loan for property or mortgage your property to any bank.
      CIDCO NOC is required on every sale transaction on any property located in CIDCO area of Navi Mumbai

  42. Hi Mayur,
    I am planning to buy a flat in resale.
    The seller is the 1st owner of the flat.
    Society is registered and has submitted documents to CIDCO for conveyance.
    My Lawyer is saying that I could save CIDCO transfer charges if, after complete registration, 1st buyers name is replaced by my name in the original conveyance application submitted by CIDCO.
    Is it possible to alter the conveyance application once submitted to CIDCO (before approval)?

  43. Hi I have purchased a flat in 2015 which is 4 storey building on bulglow plot , paid the cidco transfer charges and got the NOc as well. But I missed collecting the final order from Cidco. Now post 2018, cidco has stopped giving the Transfers for bunglow plots. What is the solution to this? Can I get the Final order as Cidco already took the transfer amount from me?

    1. No. Unfortunately you cant get the Final Order now. You will have to make do with the NOC only. Final Order is the only conclusive document which proves you ownership.

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