CIDCO sells plots for record prices

CIDCO has recently sold 3 commercial plots and 1 residential plot for Rs 79 crores.
The Commercial plots were sold at the below rates:
4000 sq meter plot for Rs 1.06 lakhs a square meter
1365 sq meter plot for Rs 1.21 lakhs a square meter
555 sq meter plot for Rs 1.41 lakhs a square meter

The residential plot of 1180 sq meters was sold for 1.11 lakhs a square meter.
The FSI for commercial plots is 1.5 while it is 1 for the residential plots.
These were sold in a tender process

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Mayur Panghaal

With more than 20 years experience at every level of the Real Estate market in Navi Mumbai, Mayur is equipped and trained to handle every task when it comes to buying or selling a property in Navi Mumbai. From knowledge of local development regulations to handling matters at the registration office or CIDCO, he is more than capable of helping you achieve your ends. You can get in touch with him on 9987452642

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