How to nail corrupt officers in CIDCO Transfer Dept

Every application for CIDCO transfer has to be processed as per serial number. Processing applications out of turn is an act of corruption as per Prevention of Corruption Act.

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CIDCO Vigilance department

Whenever an application is submitted in CIDCO for transfer, it is allotted a CFC Number (Serial Number). According to Anti-Corruption laws, even if a govt officer gives out of turn facility (Preferential treatment) to someone or favors someone for quicker processing of files out of turn and not according to the serial number (Provided there is no objection or issue raised with the file or application) it is considered as CORRUPTION.

It is due to this very reason that CIDCO does not display the list of applicants on its website along with their CFC Numbers, even though this is public information as per RTI act. CIDCO knows that the day they start displaying the list of applicants along with their serial numbers online, they will be forced to process applications as per serial number and all their bribery will be exposed.

Files stacked inside CIDCO transfer department. Every plot/society has a file like this which contains every detail about the society and its flats. Each such file has a number. Some societies have more than one file.

Remember : As per rules, CIDCO is supposed to issue you a Transfer NOC within 21 days and Mortgage NOC within 7 days.

So if you are being made to run around by CIDCO officers since you are not paying them a bribe and you are 100% sure about your documents being in order, you can complain about out of turn favors to anyone who submitted his documents after you but got his CIDCO NOC before you.
If you know for sure that somebody who submitted his application after yours but got his NOC before you, its considered as CORRUPTION under the Prevention of Corruption Act.

You can also file an online RTI asking for the serial numbers of Applications submitted to CIDCO for any particular month and their clearance date. This will give you an accurate picture of whose application got cleared out of turn. You can file an online RTI from the comfort of your home here

If the number after your number (or two) shows that the NOC has been issued, you have your evidence needed for the complaint. They will have to investigate the movement of your application from the time it was submitted. Every movement of every file at every step in CIDCO is recorded in the File movement Register (peon register) and it is very difficult (impossible) to destroy this record.

Almost every CIDCO officer will be caught for corruption if this method is deployed by any citizen.

You can also complain online using the same logic at this link If you do not have an account you can created one by clicking on the Register New link. Once you make your complaint, you can also track it online.

Corruption in CIDCO Transfer Dept

The corruption is so blatant that its running under the very nose of the so called ‘Vigilance Dept’ located on the 6th floor of the same building !!
Any complaint to the officers is simply brushed aside or the complainant is made to do so much running around that he is forced to give up. The level of corruption going on in CIDCO has also led to murders of staff in the past.

Even the harmless looking women sitting behind counters on the first floor in the estate department are corrupt to the core. 

Looks can be really deceptive. All are heavily involved in taking money and bribes to process your files. In such a situation it can be easily said that CIDCO is one of the most corrupt organizations in the country.

In a new move, CIDCO has started charging 18% GST on All NOCs … which means every transfer/NOC will now cost thousands of rupees more This Circular was issued on 5th December 2017…and will also be sent to all who were issued NOCs after July 2017For issuing Mortgage NOC, CIDCO charges Rs 500+18% GST as processing fees

Arbitrary and illegal demands being made by CIDCO official after making applicant run from pillar to post for 1.5 yr
Complaint to CIDCO MD
Complaints made to CIDCO vigilance Department
Complaints against CIDCO officers
Complaint to CIDCO vigilance department
Complaint to CIDCO vigilance department
Complaint filed with CM and CIDCO MD
CIDCO vigilance complaint

Although it cannot be assured that your complain online will be acted upon. Always file a written complaint and take an acknowledgement from the Vigilance Dept on the xerox along with the date and time. Even though the Vigilance Dept itself is a big question mark, its worth giving a shot.

Vigilance office inside CIDCO building Belapur.
CIDCO Vigilance Dept Office

If you are worried about complaining while your file is under process, you can also complain once you get your CIDCO NOC in hand.


CIDCO Transfer only15,000
Mortgage NOC only15,000
CIDCO Transfer + Mortgage NOC20,000
Only Drafting/Documentation5,000
Drafting and Registration of Sale Agreement/Sale Deed10,000
Brokerage (Purchase/Sale transaction)2%
Brokerage (Rentals)1 month rent/year
Consultation over Phone/Whatsapp/Zoom/Google Meet5,000/30 mins
Property Tax Name Transfer10,000
Water Bill Name Transfer10,000

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  1. Awesome posts and yeoman public service.

    Now after CIDCO another dragon called Panvel Mahanagar Palika is troubling residents of Kharghar, Taloja, Kalamboli, Kamothe and Panvel nodes.
    Will the criminal property tax before 2021 be waived off? Any knowledge on the subject?

  2. what do you do if the cidco officials are involved in selling someones allotted 1000 sqft residential plot in Kalamboli of sector 14 with some agent in the area to the son of a police officer who was posted from Thane to Kalamboli in 2016 and remained there up to 2018. They started with the procedure by saying that the owner has lost the actual documents. They put somebody else’s picture on the application and also signed fraudulently. It was sold without the knowledge of the actual owner and was also immediately constructed the house and started staying in it.

    1. If you have the original documents, first inform CIDCO in written format.
      Write to all top posts and vigilance dept.
      If you dont get remedy after that also, approach the courts.
      Nobody can do such a level of fraud and get away with it unless you are willing to let it happen.
      Courts dont take that much time for such open and shut matters.
      Get a good lawyer or study the law and fight the case yourself.

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