Automatic deemed conveyance to be given by govt

Automatic deemed conveyance to be given after 4 months of society formation.

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In a major breakthrough for the conveyance problem of housing societies, the govt has now stepped in and made it clear that any builder who refuses to give conveyance to the flat buyers or co-op housing societies within 4 months of handover of flats to the buyers, the local deputy registrars office will give a deemed conveyance certificate automatically after being approached by the flat buyers.
This will bring to end the long and sordid chapter in indian housing. Builders use the conveyance ploy to avoid handover of land and building to housing societies and continue to fleece buyers in the name of NOC. After being approached by flat buyers ,the deputy registrar will call the builder and flat purchasers/societies. If it is found that the conveyance has not been given even after 4 months of handover of flats, the registrar will issue a deemed conveyance certificate.
Let us hope that this scheme is not just on paper but actually implemented in true spirit.
The person responsible for the same in Navi Mumbai is Mr.Deshmukh (JT Registrar of Co operative societies at Konkan Bhavan at CBD Belapur).Housing societies no longer have to submit 21 documents which were required earlier. Now, only the relevant documents have to be filed before the registrar. He will pass an order within 6 months of receiving the application in the set format.

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