Activists,town planners slam FSI hike proposal

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The much touted ADDITIONAL FSI APPROVAL PLANS of NMMC standing committee have come under fresh fire from none other than the Town Planners Association.
It was also revealed that the ‘Professional’ report prepared by CRISIL is nothing but an eyewash.

After studying the said ‘professional’ report, it has come to light that the CRISIL report is far from FOOLPROOF as cited by the ‘guardian’ minister Mr.Ganesh Naik.
The report clearly says that a comprehensive review and study of mass transportation networks is needed to be done. The level of skills needed for such a study is not in the domain of the CRISIL report, it says.
If such a study is not in the domain of CRISIL, then on what basis does the ‘Guardian’ minister Mr.Ganesh Naik say that the report this time is ‘foolproof’?

After studying the tender issued by NMMC it further comes to light that CRISIL was never appointed to study the impact of additional FSI at all but to ‘conduct a survey to revise NMMC’s revised development plan prepared in 2007.

This raises the very very important question : If the study was not for the impact of additional FSI then why did the Minister Ganesh Naik mislead the population of Navi Mumbai ?

Activists and town planners now plan to oppose this tooth and nail.
The present regulation requires a committee comprising of the Municipal commissioner, PWD superintending engineer thane, DY director of town planning at Konkan Bhavan and Chief architect and planner of CIDCO to decide whether the building is really dilapidated and dangerous and hence fit for redevelopment.
The politicians now want to randomly change the composition of this committee so that every employee of the committee is a member of the NMMC so that NCP (the party controlling the NMMC) has a free hand in deciding the fate of Navi Mumbai.

On the face of it, it looks like a conspiracy of the builders and politicians to benefit the builders who will get to sell additional flats in the said buildings without spending money to buy the land.

One can also go in for self redevelopment, but how many people have the resources for that is a question.

This battle has just started, but the conspiracy is evident already.

By Mayur

Mayur is a real estate professional based in Navi Mumbai for the past 20 years. His expertise in real estate includes every sphere of the real estate sector from legal to Building Construction to Vastu to home interiors. When it's not real estate, its either his fight against corruption or pulling focus (film making) with his NIKON D750 that keeps him busy. With over 9 million views of his pictures on Google Maps and over 1.3 crore views of his contributions, he has been designated as a Master Photographer by Google. He can be reached on 9987452642

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