130 Mhada flats in CM quota lying vacant

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Over 80 flats from last year and 50 flats from this year are lying vacant in Mhada buildings.This,when there is an acute affordable housing shortage in the city.The situation has arisen as Mr.Chauhan (the current CM) has relinquished his authority to allot 2% flats in affordable housing schemes of Mhada.Mr.Chauhan has avoided housing schemes like the plague after all the recent housing scams.He has given up the discretionary quota too.Earlier CM’s made merry on this quota and rewarded their cronies and yes men with flats in this quota.This way they could buy the press,reporters and other people who needed some incentive to toe their line.
This year too,the Mhada has reserved 50 flats out of the 2593 flats up for lottery,which will has been declared today at Rang sharda auditorium,Bandra.The state govt has not eliminated this quota yet hence this reservation.
Mhada has recieved 1.5 lakh applications for 2593 houses up for grabs.
11,179 applications were rejected.
3995 were filled with the same account number but with different names.177 had same pan number but different names.
Under these circumstances,it would be ideal if the govt could give up the claim over these flats for once and for all.


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