How to ascertain legality of out of town projects-weekend homes-agricultural land in Maharashtra?

Weekend home at Almere Farm, Trevalyn Meadows....
House on Agricultural Land

There has been flood of offers by builders recently, offering weekend homes/farm houses/villas etc situated outside city limits but within a couple of hours driving distance from the city.
Though the prices are cheap compared to city living, the main deterrence/worry is the legal status of the land in question. How does one verify whether the houses shown in the brochures have all the necessary permits, since village land does not come under Municipal jurisdiction.
The steps for the same are outlined below..

  • Check whether the Non-agricultural land order has been issued by the Tehsildar. Do not believe the Non agricultural order shown by the builder/developer as this may be forged. Contact the local tehsildar office with the gut/hissa number (as per 7/12).
  • Check the latest 7/12 extract of the land. This should specify the said land as Non-agricultural land. No construction can take place on agricultural land.
  • Check with the nearest town planning dept office whether the housing project plans confirm to the overall development plans of the plot of land. The development plan of the area should be in the local town planning office.
  • For even more security, try to get an official survey of the land done, just to verify whether the plot of land being shown to you is actually the land that is on the 7/12 order, tehsildar order, town planning approval.

By Mayur

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